Moonves: Aereo Is Stealing Our Content

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May 15 (Bloomberg) -- CBS Corp. President and CEO Les Moonves comments on the legality of Aereo. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

Causing quite a stir.

When you think of the argument?

We think it is illegal.

They are taking our content and charging people for it.

They are not paying us.

It cost a lot for the nfl and it costs a lot to reduce and the area.

They are taking our signal and selling it to consumers.

When we do this with time warner cable, they pay us.

We have said that this is the.

A case appeared before the supreme court.

We think that we are going to win.

The court will side with us.

They did a good job of confusing the issue.

They said, if you shutdown area, you are shutting down content.

You are hurting new technology.

That is not true.

We hope we win and we expect to win.

If not, there are other things we can do.

Let me play you a quick clip.

This is the ceo.

Take a listen.

It is one antenna, one consumer.

It is all things that are perfectly legitimate.

How could it be wrong?

People are making money selling equipment.

Nothing about any of these things is novel or illegal.

I know you disagree.

What is he getting wrong and mark i vehemently disagree.

It is a rube goldberg contraption.

They are selling antennas and he says you can buy at radioshack.

They are doing what verizon does.

They are taking the same thing and they are selling it and making money.

If they should win, we could do it ourselves.

The networks can get together and do what they are doing.

It is illegal.

Beating of doing it yourself, i know you setting conference calls with investors that if

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