Coca-Cola Powers Up With $2.15B Stake in Monster

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Aug. 15 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Matthew Campbell examines Coca-Cola’s deal to purchase a $2.15 billion stake in Monster beverage extending their reach into the energy drink market. He speaks on “The Pulse.”

Have been following.

Coca-cola is getting a major boost of energy.

He has agreed to buy a 70% stake in monster beverage.

Matt campbell joins us.

Good morning.

A sign that coke is increasing its bets on energy drinks.

This is an interesting transaction.

In addition to a purchase of a state by coca-cola, there is a brand swap going on.

Essentially coke's energy drink site going to monster and some of monster's juices and mless soda and energy products, the things that would be perceived as healthy are going to coke.

They are getting into energy drinks and getting out of them at the same time.

They are giving them to somebody else.

This is turning into a broader alliance.

Coke is going to increase the amount of distribution it does for monster.

They have the option to go up to 25%. these two companies will have a broad partnership.

It tells us a bit about where coca-cola is going.

They're trying to get it to anything but the product we all know them best for as regulars look at cracking down on sugary, unhealthy drinks.

There is a lot of money in energy drinks.

There is a great deal of money in it.

It's a boat coke has missed.

The big one is red bull.

By a company in austria.

Coke hasn't been a player.

That is what the deal is about.

Getting affordable but not taking too much of a risk.

-- getting a foothol but not taking too much of a risk.

What we know about monster?

The founders bought another business decade ago.

-- deacades ago.

This is a long evolution.

These are drinks that have existed for a long time.

However, they have become much more popular in the last few years but that they face some regulatory problems as well.

In the u.s. there have been suggestions that government

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