MongoDB: The King of New York City Startups

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Oct. 10 (Bloomberg) -- MongoDB CEO Max Schireson discusses data management with Deirdre Bolton on Bloomberg Television's "Money Moves." (Source: Bloomberg)

Buzzes around them.

It's a great team, and we are passionate about what we are building.

The team loves technology and helping customers, and i think they get a little bit of a cake out of being mentioned and being recognized.

You have famous founders, anyway.

For those who do not know your company has history -- for those who do not know your company's history.

It's hard to be low-key.

Dwight is actually a pretty low-key guy.

He is one of a handful of people who has done three companies were $3 billion.

Incredibly creative and incredible instinct for markets.

You have been quietly building basically this global database leader, ever so quietly, but your sales, your headcount doubling each year in the past five years.

How has the open source business model changed and that time?

Open source has been a huge boost for our business.

We have had over 5 million people download the program, and we've had dozens of important tools contributed to the community.

It has helped us strength the product and helps us get the trot out out.

You sell the database technology and then provide training.

The main business is subscriptions where customers get support.

They get some additional functionality that enterprises need.

We also provide some training and consulting just to help them be successful.

I took a quick look at the price sheet.

$5,000 per server per year, compared to oracle's multimillion, multi-year contracts.

We want to get it out into developers' hands so that if it is the right tool for the job, they can use it.

There are millions of servers out there running database technologies, and we think $5,000 each is a reasonable price.

We don't think it has to be hundreds of thousands of dollars each.

I'm going to go through some of your customers.

It's a pretty long and pretty impressive list.

Metlife, goldman, forbes, cisco, ebay,. the seminars give you insights into ways the products can be improved.


We help customers with their implementation, and we learn a lot about how we can make it better.

They also vote online with how they would like to see us improve the product.

You are competing with oracle.

I mentioned that.

What will you continue to do to continue to take market share?

The number one thing is just to continue to improve the product.

It's a big market, and we are competing with companies that have been building their product for over 30 years.

We think our product lets people move a lot faster and it lets them leverage large servers rather than having to buy a lot of servers individually that do not scale.

What kind of revenue growth -- i know in percentage point terms and has doubled basically in the past year.

Can you be more specific?

We do not share the specific numbers, but it has more than doubled last year, and we expect that to continue.

I have heard you have gotten straight out buyout offers.

Is there a right price for you, or do you just say, "we are just going to stand pat and see you

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