Moncler Needs to Expand in Coming Years: Sharma

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Dec. 16 (Bloomberg) -- Rahul Sharma, Managing Director at Neev Capital, discusses the performance of the Moncler IPO and the need for the company to expand beyond the outerwear market. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's “The Pulse.” (Source: Bloomberg)

What will this do?

How many puffy jackets can you buy?

When you step back from this company, you have to recognize that 85% of the sales come from the puffy jackets that we are talking about.

This company will be pointing to growing and telling you about 50% of sales that are in europe.

Fair enough.

They have 100 stores and there is room to grow stores and categories.

The problem is the heritage of this brand is different and less wrought than other brands.

Stretching the architecture away from the jackets and into other categories will be a challenge.

Gloves are easier to go into.

The share price as gained 40%. what does that tell us?

Units and luxury.

If you look at ferragamo and the equities, the exclusive brands offer the growth in luxury.

You have retailing and it struggles to get growth.

You have the brands and the niche brands that will get exciting growth.

People see ferragamo doing this and broadening their product base.

I think you are right.

They came on the international scene four or five years ago.

It was a neat brand -- a niche brand and the company has stores in -- they sell some or jackets.

-- they sell some or -- summer jackets.

I was skeptical about this brand.

This is a brand i have known all my life and it is amazing to see it come out without them adding anything.

Use of the same thing about burberry.

-- you said the same thing about burberry.

How much time do you give mont nclare to diversify?

The difficult stuff comes after that point.

There's only so much you can go into, in terms of the network and this whole question about what you do about the summer collections.

You know the template for any investor is bringing in leather and that will not necessarily work.

People who shop moncler will not go back to buy a handbag.

That is not on the agenda.

How do you build this brand beyond that?

Thank you so much for all that.

It is an interesting conversation.

You joined us -- join us in the next hour on the pulse.

Will talk about other things in the pipeline.

Ipos are generated $32 billion and that is double of -- -- figure -- double last year's

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