$1,200 Ski Jackets Puff Up Investors' Moncler Craze

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Dec. 16 (Bloomberg) -- Mark Ellwood, author of “Bargain Fever,” Kevin Roberts, Worldwide CEO at Saatchi & Saatchi, and Bloomberg's Hans Nichols discuss the luxury phenomenon of Moncler on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

Montclair is a brilliantly run brand, essentially the collection on the website, it looks like there is a vast assortment, but there is not, really.

Do you know what they are selling?

A premium puffy jacket and it keeps their stock perennial, very high.

Everything around it is just to get magazines to cover it.

Like the kilt?


70% of their inventory is perennial.

Deep down they are just the company.

They want to dress the whole family, how about the $344 infant av boy hooded jacket?

It is very pretty.

I bought two of those for my grandkids.

We are talking about the wrong stuff, guys, this has nothing to do with brands.

There is no point being brilliant at the wrong thing.

Pricing is the wrong thing.

Kevin roberts, saatchi & saatchi, what are we talking about?

They whose three things, mr.

He, sensuality, and intimacy.

Great quality, great benefits, great attributes, and delivering priceless value.

[laughter] say that again?

Priceless value.

Not price.

You are all talking about the wrong stuff.

This is delivering a dream.

My daughter-in-law is italian and she dreams about montclair.

That is the thing, they are lifting in italy and really depending on italy for a lot of their sales right now.

25% in italy, this is one of the hardest hit countries from recession.

But it is aspirational.

The goal here is to get everyone.

They are selling a lot to the newly rich.

It is aspirational, you want to wear something and show other people that you can afford it.

It is the whole luxury space of ipo that is back in italy, the biggest since 2010. people over here are talking about the crisis being over.

The crisis being over?

They have to be setting their sights on something acre than italy, going for the luxury consumer in asia as well.

Hans nichols, joining us, mark ellwood, thank you so much, and

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