Moelis Welcomed to IPO Spotlight by Lower Pricing

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April 16 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Cristina Alesci reports on the lower than expected IPO pricing for Moelis & Co. She speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Important number called compassionate utilization -- capacity utilization.

That is the measure at which factories are operating act capacity in the united states.

Potentially the highest that we have seen since 2008. that is a big deal.

I am still -- the talk of the imf meetings was the outcome in 18 months.

It is amazing, for the past two or three years, any bullish strategic got talked off of the set, and yet the bulls have been right.

It is another indicator of the people growing the bottom line.

They are sitting on cash.

It is another example of how people are able to grow profit without moving the top lines.

On my agenda is google.

They had a huge set of earnings last time.

They have seen results twice.

We want to see growth in mobile ads revenue from video ads.

That is the key.

Also, cost per click on the pc and on the mobile.

We will see those this afternoon.

Google is spending tons of money.

They are buying up robotics companies.

They're going to buy titan.

We are looking forward to those.

Technology versus innovation.

Capitalism in the innovation economy.

This gets rave reviews.

I might mention senator bill bradley in new jersey.

How do you define innovation?

It is an innovation that makes an economic difference.

It has to deliver value and the value is measured by the cash flow it generates.

Can we lead in innovation?

We did.

Going back to inventing modern manufacturing in the springfield armory in the 1820's through the internet.

I think we are stuck giving china the option to take the leadership at the frontier of technological innovation.

In the next wave, we need the same kind of upstream investment in science and in technological startups that can fund and fuel the ways.

When you are not in cambridge, please come back and visit.

It is time to answer our twitter question of the day.

Who is winning the online tv wars?

I find online television i exit if i cannot fast forward or watch ads upfront.

The amazon juggernaut.

Vision always wins.

That is the message of janeway.

Final answer, we are in a rare moment where consumers are winning, but this could change on a dime.

It is the golden age of tv, but the question is, does netflix --

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