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Oct. 2 (Bloomberg) -- Ali Rosenthal, COO at MessageMe discusses the growth of message communications in mobile and examines the Twitter IPO. She speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

Why does a geezer like me need it?

We believe in message me that the future of social is mobile.

40% of teens in the u.s., for example, have phones.

We were just discussing that kids' first experience these days with the internet is on a mobile device.

That means screens are smaller and there are fewer things you can do with a mouse, with a bigger screen.

Kids are using various messaging services to communicate with each other.

The reason you should use a? smartphones today are super powerful.

They are super capable of entertaining us, being fun.

They are fast.

They are capable.

And texting has been texting for a long time -- if i use you i could to save my 10 or $15 a month for texting?

Yes, it is free with -- and faster.

You can grab and image and doodle on top of it.

One of my favorite -- you are the ones where i get stickers all over -- you can send what you are feeling without even having to fight.

Do you have a bowtie sticker?

I think we do.

I am wondering if the messaging app industry see the u.s. as emerging or developed?

We are so far behind overseas markets with messaging.

You hear about whatsapp overseas longer for the u.s.. for a longer time users here had laptops and desktops.

We were earlier to adopt the internet.

Other countries and other reasons in the world had to use mobile devices.

That is what we did on facebook, which is to deal with that market.

As a smart phone and smartphone penetration grows outside the u.s. it is a huge opportunity for many companies, but also the smart phone technology and the ways people use mobile devices in the u.s. is changing very quickly and we do think it is a huge opportunity.

No question these messaging apps are hot right now but how do you ensure they are long-term viable business proposition?

We are seeing the work abroad as well as the u.s.. things like subscription services.

Whatsapp did charge users an annual subscription fee.

As a content delivery system they will be super interesting.

Imagine watching clips with -- of "breaking bad" with your friends?

Do you see the content we message each other?

We just know you are sending mail.

We have to rip up the script and talk about the idea of the moment.

Goldman sachs, m&a, onto facebook and of this project.

Are you going to buy shares in twitter?

You know, i am a huge twitter user.

I am a huge fan.

We will see where it goes out.

You and i have a curiosity about with the red herring says.

To a pro like you, a real mystery of what twitter is really doing financially, isn't it?

I guess.

Twitter was actually a wonderful application for phones earlier on, even before smartphones became really big.

They tapped into usage prevalent -- early on when they launched.

I think it is a great company.

I think we will do very, very well.

Do you have confidence you can monetize or message me can monetize?

How can we monetize without leave to the next that?

How we do is it will be the sale of digital goods.

The ability to develop a vast development platform upon which games and other premium services can be launched.

As you exchange messages between people, you are actually creating memories.

You are at an event, you are at a wedding, you are sharing images and you are connecting around content.

And some applications today, the contents disappears.

Our content stays.

This week go back -- people are what people is all about.

Why blackberry bbm was so successful and popular.


This was such a nice diversion from the shutdown.

Can you come back tomorrow?

Day three of the shutdown with ali rosenthal.

A real pleasure.

How about a four x report?

We have seen the dollar weakening on the back of the showdown -- shut down and stop strengthening.

Today it is a little bit stronger.

The japanese yen is stronger than more than half a percent.

A signal that there is a little unease in the market.

The ozzy dollar under pressure as well, looking for a lower start for u.s. backs heading into the open.

Coming up in the next hour, we are talking technology with the author of "google" and we are

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