Mobile Market About Apps, Not Hardware: Kedrosky

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Sept. 20 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Contributing Editor Paul Kedrosky comments on BlackBerry's job cuts and sales plunge. He speaks with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

You are also from canada has been on page radically predicting this for a long time now.

-- unpatriotically predicting this for a long time now.

What does it mean?

It is becoming since 2009, 2010. idc and i will give them credit for being early.

When the big researchers that has done a great study about developers and the marketplace.

It showed blackberry was being abandoned by developers.

The story never was about hardware.

It was fixated on can this device save blackberry?

It missed the issue.

It was all about apps and not hardware.

If you do not have the apps, nobody was your hardware.

That is the fundamental problem.

Going forward, there is no better bet.

As jon described, it does not change as it was for app developers.

If you have no business, all you have is an asset sale.

What you going to get for the various components?

Single we are going to backstop this which is the single biggest risk.

You says not about hardware.

I still have a blackberry.

I have to say the product itself is pretty bad.

The touchscreen always the gets confused when i am trying to do and i cannot to do basic things.

When i am talking of the phone, and tries to switch me to a different screen.

Basic things like that.

I wonder why they cannot do the basic things right?

It is largely legacy.

I will take a back to the founders of the company and the reaction back in 2007 when jobs launch the iphone.

It was not, oh my goodness, we need to build.

At the time, jobs is lying.

You cannot build something that does that.

As a result, they're been playing catch-up since 2007 trying to develop a product that could even do the basic things you described.

Shame on them for being too slow.

It goes back to the lemma.

-- to the dilemma.

They had their head handed to them.

What happened to blackberry?

Did they cease to exist as we know them?

Did they ultimately disappear?

It was the great tragedies, they ultimately disappeared.

This is a fantastic under per numeral success story that transformed not just a reasonable part of the country -- entrepreneurial success story that transformed not just a part of the country.

You look at the value in the business and is not any longer the handset.

If the servicing the components that the lack.

That not fully coincided.

At the end of the day, that really backstops the value.

What's -- it is still valuable, what happens to that?

Does somebody by it?

You can see a number of credible suitors for both sides.

The service could be about by a number of people -- could be bought by a number of people.

It is the and servicing and running the server side of the blackberry network.

Microsoft, google have been interested in the patent side of the portfolio.

We have seen what does happen with nokia of and others.

They get bitter down.

It to be an entertaining fight.

It was truly trust from a sure

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