MLB Bans Home-Plate Collisions: What's the Point?

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Dec. 12 (Bloomberg) -- Tom Keene discusses Major League Baseball’s rule change banning home-plate collisions on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

Most thrilling and dangerous place.

The committee voted yesterday to eliminate home plate collisions.

How do you actually enforce it, considering that the runner wants to get on base and the pitcher wants to stop them?

The idea is that they are trying to protect from the violence, but isn't changing the whole game?

Run around the base here?

What's the deal?

Second base.

There is a wide set of guidance and rules on this.

They have broken the guidance and the rules.

My guess as an amateur, all they have got to do is enforce the existing rules.

I have stitches in one of my legs, 2 or 3, from being a catcher in little league.

I got nailed as a 10-year-old.

These guys are getting really injured.

You are hitting the catcher -- this is just like the other sports -- you are hitting the catcher versus sliding in.

You are trying to dislodge the ball.

This is also, if you think about it, the only play in baseball where the defense player can impede the progress of the runner.

In every other base, it is called obstruction.

At home plate, the catcher is allowed to block the runner.

That is the 1 contact play -- not anymore.

I would suggest that the distinction is that the catchers now are smack dab in the center of that third base line versus the old days.

I started just after ty cobb retired, but in the old days, the catcher was a little bit wide.

There is a ballet here and a set of guidelines.

I wouldn't serve, like hockey, it has been ruined.

Look at the new england patriots' tight end.

He was injured really seriously this week because they tried to change the rules on head injury because they are hitting, not tackling, in football.

It comes at an interesting time because attendance at major league baseball games has been going down and people are losing interest in baseball.

This is one of the sexy, exciting, thrilling things in baseball they are now removing, for reasons that are understandable, but still.

They're making the musical -- "bull durham" musical.

Oh, come on!

Aren't you a little interested?

Sequel to "damn yankees." we are not allowed to say yankees on the set.

Tom, what are you focused on?

I'm looking at wall street.

Ralph schlosstein is with us.

First of all, ralph, i don't know anybody on the planet who likes the volcker rule except evercore partners.

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