Millions of Vodafone Customers Hacked

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Sept. 12 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s David Tweed reports on Vodafone revealing that 2 million customers have had their information hacked but no pins or credit card data stolen. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “The Pulse.” (Source: Bloomberg)

They say 2 million of their customers have had bank details hacked.

David tweed joins us from berlin with mark.

What did they get and what didn't they get?

What we know is that criminals hacked one of the servers and got the details of 2 million bank accounts of vodafone subscribers.

What they didn't get according to vodafone, no pin numbers.

They didn't get any credit card data.

What they did say, it doesn't seem as if there is any likelihood that people are going to be taking money out of ink accounts, but what vodafone is warning against is that these criminals may target customers for fishing expeditions that is phishing to get details about bank account information and pin numbers from customers.

No phone numbers were taken.

No call lists were taken.

Only vodafone germany was impacted.

That is what vodafone is telling us at the moment.

I thought it was interesting that they led with the fact that this was what they didn't get.

It was interesting to see how the statement came out on that front.

Any suspects?

There is a suspect actually.

The suspect's house is being searched and there is also a comment from vodafone saying that they consider that this had to be some inside knowledge here as well.

It looks as if they have got the suspect who might have some inside knowledge of vodafone.

Maybe it is an employee.

As for how vodafone subscribers feel, i took down a little box pop in the bureau.

There are a couple or ulcers crabbers here.

-- couple of subscribers here.

They do not feel too worried.

We will see how that story develops.

David tweed, our european editor.

Hard to tell until you actually find yourself being part of the attack.

What else have we got?

Plenty it seems.

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