Millions Flood Health Exchange Websites on Day One

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Oct. 2 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Olivia Sterns measures user interest in health exchange websites on the first day of availability of the Affordable Healthcare Act and the technical glitches that have prevented some from accessing information. She speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.”

Republicans, early numbers do suggest that these changes have the potential to be quite a big success.

Millions of americans flooded these sites on opening day.

In new york alone, two .5 million visitors logged on in the first half hour.

That is incredible.

California reported as many as 16,000 hits per second.

U.s. officials reported 2.8 million visits to the federal website,, 10 times the number that the medicare side has ever gotten.

Primarily officials say this because the flood of traffic -- they never expected some meat able to logon.

Rulebook and have seized on the glitches as evidence that the flaw -- republicans have seized on the glitches as evidence that this law is not working.

The federal side, which serves 36 states, was down most of the day.

I just went onto the new york website about 10 minutes ago.

The disclaimer up saying due to overwhelming interest, they are experiencing problems, so please come back later.

President obama sure about the issues saying this is par for the course.

Consider that just a couple of weeks ago, apple rolled out a new mobile operating system, and within days, they found a glitch.

So they fixed it.

I do not remove or anybody suggesting apple should stop selling iphones or ipads.

Or threatening to shut down the company if they did not.

That is not how we do things in america.

We don't actively root for failure.

We get to work, we make things happen, we make them better, we keep going.

Betty, obama said that if apple can weather a few hiccups, so can the changes, but amid this flurry of interest yesterday, we also saw health insurers rise, up by more than 2%. the number of hits that actually translates into enrollees, that remains to be seen, but clearly these early numbers have got to be making president obama smile.

Olivia, thank you so much.

Olivia sterns on the health-care exchanges.

Washington continues to debate.

Ceo's have weighed in on the shutdown and what it means for them.

Senior markets correspondent julie hyman joins us now.

What are the ceo's saying?

Will the shutdown have a real, tangible effect on their businesses?

They say it well.

They're not giving specifics on how the shutdown could affect their businesses.

They say it could affect a broader economy and happy trickle-down effect on their businesses.

We checked with the foot locker ceo ken hicks who is not a fan of the affordable care act, but he says it is not worth it to shut the government down.

They are not happy about the higher cost than lower level of care that people will get

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