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Feb. 14 (Bloomberg) -- Mairead Molloy, Global Director at Berkeley International, discuses the flourishing business of millionaire matchmaking. She speaks on Bloomberg Television's “The Pulse.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Happy valentine's day.


And you're wearing the right color.

Yes, we spoke to you last year, and your business hasn't grown, so it is difficult for i guess people in general -- the numbers.

It's difficult to find love, especially if you're a millionaire, is that right?

Not really.

That's what you're there for.


No, everybody can find love, right?

And what we offer is a service to give you a little push over the ladder.

That's what we do.

And yes, there is a price tag with that.

But, you know, it's not -- i suppose you pay a certain sum of money, we give you -- it's a key.

It's a golden key to finding the people that you might not ordinarily meet in your day-to-day life.


let's just explain t. i'm a millionaire.

I like to play that game for a while.

I can't find the love of my life.

I'm thinking, how on earth am i going to do this?

How does it work?

Ok, so come in, have an interview.

We sit down, and we talk about who you are, what you want, the kind of girl you want to meet, everything about you, what you like, what you don't like is very important, right?

Then we discuss the logistics, because it's london, europe, or global.

Because now european membership is on the up and up, because people travel all over europe now to meet each other.

It's very easy.

You hop on any plane, any train, and you could meet someone in a flash.

And what we do is we put you with people that we feel are suitable to what you have described to us.

And you just basically you meet them, see how you get on, give me the feedback, and we put that feedback then into the next case.

And little by little, we find your perfect girl.

But are there fears that millionaires that others don't, is she or isn't he after my money?

Does it come into play, or is it like a dating website, but it's for people that have more money?

Well, it's a personal introduction agency, which means that we meet everybody that come in to see us, because nothing is web based, right?

I don't think it's about being a millionaire.

I think that people are more interested in finding someone that care about them and not about their money.

You can have a prenup, can't you?

That's a very good point.


I don't know, i mean, it's really unroe man particular, right?

On valentine's day, you're talking about.

The numbers, you were talking about having offices in various parts of europe.


I read the note this morning.

You've got a 60% plus pickup in membership.

You've now got eight offices in europe.

You've got plans for more.

Did you expect it to get this big this quickly?

I didn't. and i'm absolutely delighted with the result of the european expansion, because we have had enormous success with our european offices.

So we now have seven offices in europe, and we hopefully think that by the end of the year we'll number singapore, hong kong, l.a., and new york.

But there's a huge demand for the service.

Because i think because of -- people are not that into social -- social media is fine, but i think the whole -- you can just delete the person, can't you, on the online dating, yes.

We'll meet you, we'll talk to you, you tell us, and then you know who you're meeting.

It's more personal.

On valentines, a lot of people will have their first date tonight.

What are your top picks?

I think we have them up.

Yeah, we have them up.

First of all, be natural.

Be natural.

You have to be natural, be yourself.

And men should definitely not talk about themselves all night, because a lot of them do.

I think there's the nerves.

Be true to your feelings.

Don't let money lead to ego.

It's quite good.

It's always nice to flatter the lady and ask her about her life and herself to make her feel important.


And take compliments.

When you even speak to c.e.o.'s, we had the c.e.o. on yesterday and he was saying chris ma, you know, it's flattery, it's thinking you're the only person in the room.

Well, it's about making somebody feel special, isn't it, and important, and that they count.

You're very straight.

Let me ask you a question.

Security, how much money do you spend on security?

The people that come to you probably don't want to have it advertised to a wide audience that they are -- looking for love.

You mean confidentiality.

Yeah, security, confidentiality.

Is that a big part of your business?

Huge, huge.

We never reveal identities.

So if i was introducing you to francine, i would say i have this really lovely guy, he's called guy and he works in the media.

You have to protect the people.

We have contracts.

I can't hack your system?

No, no, no.

Not at all.

We don't run our -- we don't run our match making business on software.

We don't do it.


do you know what i mean?

It's a very good question, yeah, yeah.

Thank you so much for that.


Mairead molloy.

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