Military Hunts Pings Detected Northwest of Perth

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April 7 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Paul Allen reports on the pings and an “acoustic event” detected by a Chinese ship in an area Northwest of Perth, Australia that might be from missing Malaysia Air flight 370. He speaks to Angie Lau on Bloomberg Television’s “First Up.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Malaysia airliner is now focusing on a stretch of ocean northwest of perth where three separate audio signals have not been detected.

Let's head over to paul allen in sydney.

What do we know about the so-called acoustic events?

Angie, these are pings which, were detected by a chinese ship which was prepared -- patrolling an area 270 kilometers northwest of perth and the search for the missing malaysia airlines flight.

It twice a detected these events, once on friday, once on saturday, only for about 90 seconds before it was disturbed by other noises in the ocean.

Most crucially was the frequency which these pings were transmitted on, the exact same frequency used by flight recorders.

An encouraging lead indeed.

Also, an acoustic event was picked up by the australian naval vessel ocean shield over 300 nautical miles north of where the chinese ship made its discovery.

Still plenty of open ended questions here, but the british ship the hms echo, which is much more specialized at further investigating these sorts of things, is now headed to the area.

It will be there in about 12 hours.

We should know a little bit more tonight hopefully.

However, as always, the chief of the search and rescue operation is urging caution.

An important and encouraging lead, but one which i urge you to continue to treat carefully.

We are working in a very big ocean and within a very large search area, and so far, since the aircraft went missing, we have had very few lead, which allow us to narrow the search area.

Angus houston there also added that the signals were fleeting, were not sustained, and could have been impacted by echoes on the ocean floor, as well.

Still plenty to learn about these signals.

But not a lot of time left, right?

The batteries on those recorders will almost be spent by now.

There is not much longer here.

How much longer do the search teams have?

That is another variable.

Strictly speaking, there is a 30-day limit for those batteries.

However, they could continue transmitting for another

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