Mideast Fears U.S. Cut and Run on Iran Deal: Croft

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Nov. 25 (Bloomberg) -- In today’s “This Matters Now,” Helima Croft, senior geopolitical strategist at Barclays, talks with Tom Keene about the geopolitical fallout in the Middle East from the Iran nuclear deal. She speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

Oil analysis.

This weekend's initial agreement was made within many of the myths we hold of persia and iran.

We talked earlier about saudi arabia and the tensions with iran.

How does the u.s. stage manage it or are we truly outside of the debate in the middle east?

This is so difficult for the united states in terms of what the key sunni states want from the united states.

As a sign that the u.s. is going to retrench.

That we're potentially going to scale back a military commitment or they look at this deal with iran and say him are you cutting and running?

Are you cutting a deal with the iranians that leaves our security interests exposed?

Is iran going to challenge us for regional supremacy now that the united states is potentially withdrawing?

How strong is opec?

There is a december for meeting, what does saudi arabia do if we start to see a pretty sharp fall in bread rices?

Are going to see statement coming from opec that somehow iran's nuclear program is going to cut prospects.

When you look at the turmoil in egypt, you look at the building of iran as only the complete society over there, many would suggest eric can iran prosper and move forward off of this agreement?


But that some of the things that have happened to iran under this agreement or potentially have a couple hundred thousand more iranian oil exports on the market.

What the agreement said is that iran cannot export more than one million.

They were exporting around 750,000 by some estimates.

Where are they going to get a bump in term of their exports?

Is this release actually more than the six to seven billion talked about by the white house.

Very quickly, how will russia respond?

They have been very focused on keeping the syrian regime in power.

The degree to which the foot is up the neck of the iranians also benefits assad as well.

Their interesteds aligned with syria.

Coming up, is a new toy.

It is on the holiday list this year.

What is the new rage?

That is next heard out give you a hint, mattel.

This is "bloomberg surveillance" ."

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