Microsoft Takes Xbox Music Fight to Apple, Android

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Sept. 9 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Jon Erlichman reports that Microsoft is stepping up its internet music battle with Pandora and Spotify by opening up its Xbox music service to users of Apple and Android for the first time. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West."

It is making the service available on android systems to compete with itunes and other systems.

Jon erlichman has more on the xbox music package.

When you think about microsoft and music, over the years, it has been a long and challenging road.

Everybody is familiar with the lack of success with the zune.

The xbox music service is the next generation of that.

One of the early challenges it had with the music service was to have the service available on windows-based phones and tablets and pcs and the odd xbox device.

And you go against services like spotify and pandora which are available everywhere, it can be challenging.

Making it available on apple devices and android devices is the logical way to grow the music service.

It is a big step forward for microsoft to make that kind of move.

If you looked at the recent reorganization inside microsoft, it was a reminder that the company was going down this road.

The new xbox is coming out pretty soon?

No bamber and we talked about how important these consoles -- november but these have become entertainment devices.

We talked about the xbox not just vs sony playstation but also apple tv and roku.

At the same time microsoft is positioning itself to have hardware that is open to having all sorts of different services especially entertainment, at the same time, it is making its own services available on different hardware and that is probably the right approach for them to take.

A lot of this -- steve ballmer

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