Microsoft Senior Manager Accused of Insider Trading

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Dec. 19 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Cory Johnson reports on how Microsoft’s senior manager and his friend, accused of insider trading, may have gained $393K illegally. He speaks to Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Johnson, is in new york.

What do you make of this, someone inside microsoft participating in insider trading?

This guy jorgensen was a certified financial analyst, and his job was to analyze likely market impact of coming microsoft announcements.

His job was to do sensitivity analysis to figure out what would happen with microsoft stock price.

The sec alleges he had a joint brokerage account with somebody else, and that i would make these trades, and their goal was to open their own hedge fund with these games.

They get caught in the process.

We talk about insider trading a lot.

How common is something like this, really?

Insider trading may be very common.

What we know in terms of statistics is that when the sec goes after these things -- when i was a money manager, you would see some things that were egregious.

The number of sec prosecutions of insider trading have fallen quite a bit trip they only prosecuted 44 cases in the last fiscal year.

-- bit.

They only prosecuted 44 cases in the last fiscal year.

We can look at those numbers from the sec and it suggests they are not looking for them like they used to.

We will continue to follow the story.

The secret service says it's

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