Microsoft’s Management Shuffle for Senior Ranks

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March. 3 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Ari Levy and Cory Johnson examine Microsoft’s new CEO plans on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West". (Source: Bloomberg)

A longtime political strategist.

He was a ceo of a pr firm.

A big global pr firm.

A longtime friend of the clintons.

Worked on hillary's campaign, and failed campaign in 2008. he was brought on at microsoft to help a strategy which is the rock term that can mean anything.

He is best known for do not get screwled campaign.

Does he have what it takes to refocus microsoft's business strategy?

It has been important to microsoft.

That guides it how to market and tell the message.

You could see this in the shakeup that this is something they really wanted to get right and do it the way that satya nadella want it done.

Some of the biggest names we have become familiar are on the chopping block.

What do you think of some of the big departures?

It seems pretty evident it is linked to the whole services.

He was one of the finalists.

He was a big name.

He was a longtime cisco executive eric he was a ceo of skype.

-- cisco executive.

He was a ceo of skype.

They could be something else.

Regardless, if he is someone that you were considering as a ceo and he is leaving the company, that has to be considered a significant loss.

I know this is somewhere in, tammy, that you have interviewed really recently.

She was one of the people that had a notion on how to market the project.

If you're going to elevate him to wear some level he will oversee this.

Maybe he had disagreements or how it would happen.

We do not know.

They're making some choices about how they will tell the story going forward and with who will do that.

Clearly that will not be there anymore.

With whom?

Is a second language.

I'm not good.

A lot of things are second language to you.

Are there more executive departures to come?

Can we expect that?

It is hard to say.

It was sent to reason that there would be more.

It stands to reason that they would bring people in.

The shuffle is probably not done.

He has a job to do.

We would be expecting this would be a foot.

Thank you.

Turning now to google.

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