Microsoft’s Challenge: Apple, IBM Aim at Enterprise

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July 16 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Contributing Editor David Kirkpatrick and Brad Hintz, analyst at Sanford C. Bernstein, examine how Microsoft can respond to the move by Apple and IBM to work together on business software and the continued change in Apple as it branches out in deals and partnerships. They speak on “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

Morning to this business enterprise agreement?

Microsoft had some very creative ways they are trying to push windows more across the landscape of computing without being quite as narrowminded and monopolistic in their mindset as they have been for so long, which they can no longer be.

They are looking at this deal was some concern, i would assume.

The great thing about the apple-ibm deal is that it solves problems for both sides.

Ibm has in this extraordinary pull from below where employees wanted to use apple hardware.

Now they will be able to make a possible.

And make it a lot more enjoyable for people to work within enterprise applications inside big companies, companies of all sizes.

Meanwhile, apple has seen this bull coming from employees, but has not had this expertise or salesforce to tap into the opportunity.

Apple sees a big sales opportunity.

Is there and ibm brand value to their cloud versus anybody else's? that is a question no one really has asserted at the moment.

Yes, there probably is, but the brand value of clouds is a little bit fuzzy to many of us.

Amazon web services has its certain thing.

I don't think ibm has established a clearly yet.

As ago to bloomberg television, could we have the camera on brad hintz, who is dressed ibm 1960's this morning.

They would never wear a bowtie at ibm, with a echo -- would they?

No, i think the tassel loafers would do it.

And it worked when he was at ibm, some time ago.

And now that apple is in ibm's suite of brand, this is no small thing that apple has brought under its roof.

At dinner last night, d gels -- the details were a big deal.

Beats is going toward a young brand and on the opposite side, heavy enterprise and white shirt, blue suit kind of thing.

Could steve jobs have done this transaction?

I don't think you would have.

This the kind of thing that tim cook is perfect to execute for apple.

He is more open-minded and pragmatic.

It's not so sexy and something that steve jobs would have enjoyed, but it is something very good for them.

It brings us to our twitter question of the day.

Who is next after ibm and apple coming together?

Tweet as who should come together next.

And we want to thank our intriguing editor for joining us.

Coming up, janet yellen testifies for a second day in front of congress.

We look at the future of monetary policy in the u.s. we will he back.

-- be back.


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