Microsoft’s CEO Search: Mulally Not Out of Running

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Dec. 17 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Cory Johnson reports the latest on Microsoft’s CEO search which they say they have whittled down to 20 “extremely impressive” individuals. He speaks to Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Story very closely.

Do we know how far they have narrowed this down?

100 is a lot of people.

I nominate you.

Sources say that i was nominated.

Sources of knowledge of the matter have been an important part of the story.

Steve ballmer's tenure at the company has been so lengthy, he has put his stamp on things over his course of the time there.

The stock price has not been that high.

He had the misfortune of taking the job under a big asset bubble in 2000. the stock performance of his tenure never looks that good because of where he started off with his job.

They have really gone through a number of different things.

Initially, what we heard from the source with knowledge of the situation, it has given us an indication that it was going fast, but it has slowed down a bit.

The deadline was going to be on august 23, 2014. a year from the time steve ballmer first announced it.

Then we heard they were trying to get a deal done before the calendar year.

Today's information gives them some wiggle room.

Early 2014 could be june 2014. we will see what they early, -- what they actually come with.

This gives them some wiggle room.

They have not been able to get a decision out and get everyone on board.

If a couple of weeks ago, a board ceo seemed to be the front runner.

Matt miller talk to him and we got this nondenial denial which made it seem like he would be more likely.

What happened?

He was under consideration.

There was a conversation with him.

He said, hell no, i won't go.

But some members of the board of looked at his experience and said that while he has a polished resume, when he doesn't have experience in technology.

That could be holding him back.

We will see what can in the board of directors had to say.

We will be watching in early

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