Microsoft’s CEO Choice: Tech or No Tech Experience?

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Dec. 13 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg contributor David Plouffe discusses Microsoft’s search for a new CEO on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

As an engineer, particularly in aerospace.

He moves to autos.

Can he go to tech?

Scarlet introduces us to a prodigious tech.

This is a guy with serious engineering.

Do you need leadership or tech savvy?

I'm asking david.

Do you need more narrow abilities as an executive or do you want to go bigger, broader and delegate out those miller -- narrow skills?

Full disclosure, i do some work for microsoft.

You need a leader.

This is almost like the vatican.

There's a lot of interest in this election.

Everybody will be waiting for the white smoke.

Even our interest in the economy in the direction, the mobile challenge, rising competitors.

There is great interest.

My bias is, you need a leader.

The leader doesn't mean anything without a strong senior team.

But a leader who knows the business.

If you're qualcomm and 70 walks in who knows out of your corporate leader but doesn't know the first thing about your business, -- who walks in and knows they are corporate leader but as another first thing about your business.

You need to bring everyone along internally and externally.

You made a good point.

The distinction is more about age.

Mulally is 68. there is a big gap.

Some people are not ruling out alan mulally entirely.

The star has faded a little bit as a candidate.

Come on.

They point out there is one option which would play a role.

He takes the job for a couple of years and helps groom an internal candidate.

We know the head of the cloud services division of microsoft has said he would stay regardless of who gets -- i would say this has become fascinating.

This is interesting, but now this is really, really interesting about how a company goes about this.

It talks about the direction the company would go.

But there's a huge difference between a 68-year-old and 44- year-old, i would argue that.

68 is the new 44. look at martha stewart.


Look at you, tom keene.

I am talking to van buren later in the hour.

And you say 68 is the new 44? i love you.

David, this comes down to the plethora of great managers.


Yes, it is like efficacy.

If you're to say, come to the white house and work.

How do you get someone to change their life and go to a company?

I think there's financial considerations, but it comes down to is it something that speaks to me?

Is their passion?

Are there good people?

You're nothing without good senior people.

You have got to have confidence there are good senior people or you will fail.

All of a sudden, this is way cool.

There is a timeline in place.

Microsoft wants to appoint someone -- this makes me want to ask about the president and the white house, the administration being so insular, not reaching out.

Obama might be a great leader and a smart guy, but one of the biggest criticisms around him right now as he doesn't necessarily have a team with the chops to are helping him.

Luckily, we are out of time.

I disagree strongly and we can talk about it.

David plouffe with us this

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