Microsoft’s Ballmer Sees 47% Approval Rating

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Aug. 26 (Bloomberg) -- Scott Dobroski, Glassdoor Community Expert, discusses CEO approval ratings. (Source: Bloomberg)

Work for and what they think of their ceo.

Great to have you back here on "taking stock." you guys did a survey and what you ask employees?

Ask at -- glassdoor is a place where people share what it is like to work with a company.

One of the questions is do you approve of the way your ceo is leading the company?

When we aggregate the data, we can see how ceos are rated in the eyes of their toys.

You look at what would be consider a lot of steve ulmer's peers in the tech sector.

What did you find?

We found that over time, steve ballmer of microsoft currently has a 47% approval rating.

When we compare that to notable tech ceos who have made a lot of headlines like mark zuckerberg, who has a 97% approval rating.

He is at the top.

He is at the top and then you have tim cook at 91%. so he's not even comparing to these guys.

What do the microsoft employees say about steve ballmer?

There are three key things in which is rating may be below average when it comes to ceos grade employees share themes of a lack of innovation in senior leadership.

This comes right from the top.

Also not communicating clearly with his employees as to where the company is headed great companies cap talking about i'm not sure where our business is going.

Third, and this is unique to microsoft, employees within the downside are talking about the performance review system in which they feel there is a lot of lyrical and competitive movement between other employees , but they feel like they need to keep on their work.

In the tech space, they feel like they don't have the ability to take risk of a break things and innovate grade when you break down some of the numbers, you mentioned steve ballmer's approval rating at 47%. that is way below so many of his peers.

You mentioned mark zuckerberg at the top.

They are all really way up there and yet steve ballmer is a low that.

The average for all ceos is about 69%. what do you think makes up the reasoning for why steve ballmer is so below the rest of the pack?

It's a great question.

If there is one thing that shines through within the employee talking about the downside of working there, it is the innovation team.

When we look at the themes within facebook, the employees rave about being able to break things.

A very strong hacker culture.

That's not even a parent within microsoft.

Within the tech space, we know if you're not a linkedin next great thing and innovating and getting ahead of the competition, you will be left behind.

We just saw in the piece preceding our conversation that they are being left behind when it comes to sales.

Not all things are bad.

The employees did have some good things to say about microsoft.

There is no doubt about it that microsoft is a great company to work for.

On a five-point scale, microsoft received a 3.6 among employees.

It's a better than average place to work but their senior leadership and ceo is below average.

When we look at what is great

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