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March 28 (Bloomberg) -- Richard Windsor, founder at Radio Free Mobile, discusses the impact of Microsoft releasing Office software for the iPad and looks at Facebook’s acquisition strategy on Bloomberg Television’s “The Pulse.”

Market share to an even larger audience and different operating systems.

Joining us now is radio free mobile founder richard windsor.

Good morning.

They have got to do this.

They have got to make sure that they get this product, office, out to a new audience.

Yes, it does.

A couple of years ago i think it was a bit more of a question.

The question is, have you cannibalized windows sales?

Now the market is better defined and it is pretty clear that people who have got ipads are not going to buy a laptop anyway.

That user is effectively lost unless you put office onto the ipad.

That is really what is going on here.

For microsoft to spread its applications across other platforms.

Also, to make the experience much more rounded for everyone who uses a range of devices.

It is not going to move revenues in any direction at all, but at the generated bit more loyalty.

-- generate a bit more l loyalty.

How do you price these apps?

Microsoft is proposing that you basically downloaded for free, you can look at the documents, but to change them, to write in a word document, you would get charged.

Is that the best model?

I think it absolutely is.

You only have to look at top revenue grossing apps on itunes and you'll will see that all of them are free to download with in app purchasing.

It is the freemium model.

To read it, it is fine.

You can use it to make presentations.

That is helpful to push the use of office into the free segment.

Also, to edit, obviously, that is if are you ball -- fairly valuable piece of technology.

They have made the right choice.

What does this mean for companies like ever note?

Obviously, it is greater competition for companies like ever note.

Then again, the ever note comeback is going to be that we offer you more functionality for free and are paid option is going to be less than $99 per year.

I expect that will be there response.

What do you make of the acquisition strategy at facebook?

They were buying up companies to integrate them into facebook and now it feels more and more like they are almost trying to have a hedge.

The latest acquisition for the drones -- does it make sense to you?

Yes, it makes a lot more sense than oculus does, to be honest with you.

What is facebook's biggest challenge?

They would like to have one billion more users.

You need internet penetration to spread much further down through emerging markets.

You can see exactly how the purchase of a drone company can help to achieve that.

Switch gears to oculus and to be honest with you, i am still scratching my head and wondering how this is going to help the facebook proposition.

How is it actually going to generate any value for facebook shareholders when they have just paid $2 billion for it?

Is anything fair game now?

Is anything in the tech landscape fair game?

We have seen the buy a satellite company, a drone company, oculus , is there anything they won't touch?

It is about producing a conglomerate?

I hope there is.

I hope they will look at their share price falling by 10% this week and take notice that the shareholders are voting with their feet, in terms of what their acquisition strategy is.

This highlights one of the biggest problems you have with facebook and google.

The voting interest of these companies are not aligned with the economic interest.

That means that the founders of the companies who still control them have got a checkbook to spend other peoples money, but no comeback or checks or balances.

Are you concerned that the facebook strategy will not work in the long-term?

At the moment, i think things are going ok.

I can even see how whatsapp does make sense for facebook.

From that point of view, the drone acquisition, the whatsapp acquisition, they do fit into the picture that facebook must build for itself if it is going to be a major player over the next 5-10 years.

What i hope for is that the oculus acquisition is a bit of an anomaly and the facebook

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