Microsoft Needs More Than a New CEO: McDonald

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Sept. 27 (Bloomberg) -- Duff McDonald, author of “The Firm,” examines the state of Microsoft as it searches for a new CEO, the role of consultants in business and whether Ford CEO Alan Mulally would be the best choice to lead Microsoft. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

Isn't he?

I guess if you do one turnaround, you're in demand.

I think it is fascinating that everybody thinks microsoft, the solution there is a new ceo adjustment of and personality at the top when it is sort of a structural shift that has got these guys.

With all your research on mckenzie, they parachute in to microsoft, what would your consultants to besides showing up with spanking new in bas?

They would come in and spend several months finding out from your people what you're doing.

One of the first things they do is turn around and tell you what you just told them.

Would alan mulally allow that?

I don't see him as a guy that would do that.

Mckenzie -- his great strength has never been an emergency situation.

There better over extended period of time.

A lot of the management consultant into becoming ceos.

A parachute in, take a look at what is going on in the company, they go work for the company themselves and become very successful.

It is a factory for future ceos.

It is mutually backscratching relationship.

One of the things that mckenzie helped the demise is this notion of the ceo is the thinker, the strategize or.

Like alan mulally.

So when you get that ceo who is divorced from line responsibilities or operating responsibilities, gets to spend a lot of his time doing the thinking, who to see hard to help them do the thinking?

He hires mckinsey.

There is this great -- virtuous cycle -- up top there.

It is no surprise boards hire these guys to help them.

A money question to me is, is alan mulally that kind of person?

I don't perceive that, but what do i know?

Do you perceive him as a virtuous circle guy?

I do not.

He delivered some of the tough medicine ford needed, but at the same time, when you're in a situation like microsoft is in, when he really needed to say, jesus, what do we do here?

Mckenzie can be really, really soluble in helping you get that done.

Duff mcdonald with us.

Richard clarida from pimco also with us.

We will continue on his conversation about mckenzie.

Perhaps alan mulally should go to washington.

The showdown that could lead to a shutdown.

Congress has to come up with a budget deal or the government may close as early as next week.

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