Microsoft Names Nadella CEO, Thompson Board Chair

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Feb. 4 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg News’ Matt Miller reports that Microsoft has promoted Satya Nadella to CEO, while John Thompson assumes Bill Gates’ role as Chairman of the Board on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.”

Nadella as ceo.

We have been waiting for so long and he runs the enterprise business at microsoft and the company is shifting over to get more revenue for mobile.

Many people think he is perfectly situated for that.

Bill gates will be stepping up to a new role as technology advisor.

John thompson will assume the role of chairman of the board of directors.

Bill gates is stepping out of the chairman position of the board of directors of the company he built.

Satya nadella is moving in as ceo.

They have speculated that anyone coming in is that bill gates was running the ship to tightly as chairman of the board.

He will step out as chairman of the executive board and will be a technology advisor and john thompson will replace him in that role and staya nadella who has been there since 1992 will step up and become ceo.

He ran the cloud and enterprise business, the internet-based business and theb to b business.

He will try to shift over and get more revenue from mobile.

Microsoft makes the lions share of its money from windows.

Pc's are under attack in this world and they still overwhelming run windows but mobile does not.

About 90% of all personal computers run windows operating system and only five percent of mobile phones.

And tablets.

That's the kind of thing he will have to shift around.

It is a role that a lot of people have been talking about.

Alan mulally at ford was considered at one point.

People also talked about the ceo of nokia as a possibility.

There were three top candidates and it looks like they went with the internal candidate.

This is just breaking on the bloomberg terminal and i will bring you more as i get more.

We are taking a look at microsoft shares trading in the premarket on this item to about $37.40, bringing them back to around a $38 level which they traded at before yesterday's big sell off.

You had been reporting on alan mulally is a potential candidate.

In the end, he was not deemed a good fit because of that lack of technology experience.

Technology is still very much a part of this company even as the focus has been on management and making sure the different units of microsoft were together.

Steve ballmer, the current ceo, announced he would step down by august.

He had personally vouched for alan mulally before we knew there was a ceo search in the works.

All told, alan mulally is 68 years old and this is a business that needs to start fresh.

Satya nadella is a younger candidate who people thought could steer the company more toward mobile.

That's the direction they want to go in.

They need to challenge apple.

They need to challenge google.

They have not done that well.

They needed to choose someone with those kind of jobs.

They thought stay nadella was the person to do it.

The other concern for alan mulally is that steve ballmer is still there.

Bill gates is still chairman of the board.

Many people who had started the company are still kind of running the company and the concern is that they would be running the ceo as he came in.

Many reports have said that if the new ceo would come in and they want bill gates to step down, that has happened.

Great job with the breaking

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