Microsoft CEO: Is Ericsson's Vestberg a Right Fit?

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Jan. 16 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg senior West Coast correspondent Jon Erlichman examines the latest name to surface as a possible CEO at Microsoft on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.”


We are trying to figure this out, how we can see a jobless rate falls to 6.7%, but at the seven small -- smallest gain in two years.

We're scratching our heads as well, trying to set these numbers, digest them.

Not only do you have the disconnect between the unemployment rate of the jobs, you'll set the 74,000 number for the month of december, get the ball before that but 201 -- 241 thousand with the best month since february.

Sub the gap between november and december.

This will be ample opportunity for revision, we'll have to see, but it is a disappointment.

Again, the 74,000 number of worst ever with iensense on over of 2011. 6.7%, the reason we brought that forward is as we have more people than ever leaving the workforce.

It is lowest number we've seen in 35 years.

That is not good news for the economy, it would particularly bad month to be an accountant or bookkeeper, 25,000 of them lost their jobs more -- last month.

I know you're right there with the numbers broke, and the immediate reaction market is what does this mean for the fed?

You saw the yield come down on the ten-year.

Does this mean that tapering is off the table for now?

This is not really going to affect tapering at all will even with the 74,000, you it is roughly in line with the last few months or so.

The fat is going to is he more than one month worth of data before making in the decision.

He will begin talking about raising interest rates, when on oblivious to 6.7 -- six 15% -- 6.5%. does guidance mean anything more to the guidance if you cannot take that seriously?

Then on what do you base your decision to buy or sell?

The other thing that stood out to me was that there were zero jobs and health care last month created.

The strength of the labor market

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