AIG's Miller: Microsoft CEO Change Is Just in Time

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Feb. 12 (Bloomberg) -- AIG Chairman Steve Miller discusses Microsoft's turnaround story on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance." (Source: Bloomberg)

Turnaround of the moment, is microsoft turnaroundable?

It is a fascinating exercise.

How, through the miller prism, does microsoft look?

I think they have come to a wonderful conclusion as to the leadership makes going forward.

It took way too long to get there.

They announced steve ballmer stepping down in august and now we are in february and just getting started with the new team.

That is a very long time, particularly in the technology world, do not know who the leader or strategy is going to be.

Did you ever have a delegates -- have a bill gates?

Did you ever walk as the hatchet guy and have to work with a bill gates?

All the way back to my chrysler days when i worked with a guy named -- lee iacocca.

That is pretty good.

And bob benmosche, was also become iconic status for what he has done -- what do you do with these egos?

[laughter] well, you work with them and help them.

I provide lubrication between the board and the management at aig.

That is a very important function.

It has worked out very well.

I was reading this morning by passing in "the new york post" about several members of the new york police department being a collegially shown the door.

How does steve miller show someone the door?

How do you fire someone?

Actually, firing people is the most difficult part and the most distasteful part of having to do a turnaround.

But if you have got too many people on the payroll for the job ahead of you, you have to do it.

As long as you are honest and forthright and 10 point in the direction that the company is going, people can accept it.

It is never easy, not anything i ever look forward to doing them and i try to find ways to grow the business so that you don't have to do that.

How is american industry doing right now?

Do you believe in the manufacturing renaissance?

The manufacturing renaissance is very much a mixed bag.

There's an awful lot of the old industrial america that is never going to come back the way it was.

If you have a labor-intensive, easy to ship product, it will be made in a low-cost country.

A lot of jobs that used to be in

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