Microsoft Isn't Apple's Competitor Anymore: Drogen

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March 28 (Bloomberg) -- Estimize Founder and CEO Leigh Drogen discusses Microsoft's rollout of Office for iPad on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

The program on the tablet.

We have a guest who's latest post is entitled "the enemy of my enemy is my friend -- why ms office is coming toios." is this an admission to a certain extent that life has changed, business has changed, and you need to be competitor -- competitive on all platforms?

He realizes pc sales are flat and mobile is next.

They need their productivity software on mobile.

Apple is where it is at.

For apple, they see that microsoft is not their competitor anymore, it is really google.

It makes sense.

Doesn't mean people will start the work on the ipads?

Culturally, you got use to your ipad as being more of an entertainment device as opposed to a work device.

But that, you think, could and would change?

I see tablet as more of a consumption thing.

But you never know how it will shake out with the enterprise of what people will end up doing on tablets and how it can transform.

But i think right now the tablet is mostly still -- analysts are talking about this is a massive revenue opportunity.

Could this be the thing that really starts to bemis company around?

Let's face it.

This has effectively been this ge of the tech space?

Staid, maybe cap laggard.

Microsoft is treated as such

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