Microsoft Had No Option but to Buy Nokia: Okaro

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Sept. 3 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg global head of mobile and connected devices Oke Okaro, discusses why Microsoft had to make a deal to purchase Nokia's handset unit to bring together production and distribution of the Windows phone. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop."

The deal of the day is microsoft buying the nokia handset is ms.. i want to bring on our local -- our global head of gm -- it is interesting to have you here commenting on this.

You argued that microsoft had to do this deal.

They had to take out nokia or else somebody else would have.


It was not optional for them.

Nokia accounts for more than 80% -- 18% in the market share of the phone space.

If steve ballmer is to deliver on his vision, he has to own windows phones, and that includes distributions.

Those devices are something that he now has basically -- part of this deal will -- coming from your point of view, what is important?

What do you want to see from a developers point of view?

What you see -- what you want to see from the development?

One thing microsoft has talked about a lot and done them lot of marketing around -- and done a lot of marketing around is integrated platform around windows eight.

They talk about windows eight on the phone, on your tablet, on your pc.

The truth is as a developer, from a development standpoint -- it doesn't work?

It doesn't. they have had a strategic partnership with nokia for quite some time now.

Hopefully, as a result of this deal, they will be in a position to build tools to make it easier for developers.

If you were to build a windows phone app today and have that available on windows eight, you would be rewriting the app . that is not the case with apple.

What about for android?

From a developer enablement standpoint, the tools are not as rich as it is on the ios platform.

It is beyond where it is on the windows platform today.

What he think apple got it so right here?

Wasn't because they were the -- why do you think apple got it so right?

Was it because they were the first ones out of the gate?

They're thinking more review -- more realistically about the ecosystem.

They have an app store for their pcs as well.

They have certainly integrated that very well.

What do you want to see coming out?

Aside from the overall holistic view from microsoft , what will tell you that success is coming along?

I will tell you this, i am a fan of windows.

I think they have done some innovative things.

Unfortunately it was too little too late.

I think they have done several innovative things.

From a developers standpoint, it would be easier for us to build and maintain products on their platform, and that includes maintaining some of the different devices.

That is it, for the most part.

On a final note, clearly these two are talking.

Some other analysts are talking, saying they are pushing forward in consumer, not just enterprise but also consumers that they are going to go completely after.

Is this a wise choice?

I have always felt that microsoft really should nail the enterprise space.

That is a space that is quite open at the moment, especially with blackberry faltering.

The company is saying we are not going to renew our blackberry contracts.


When you seek to -- certainly many of the firms that we work with , they are looking for an alternative.

Especially now that the blackberry is challenged.

Microsoft stands with a grilled -- with a really great opportunity to enable these companies and deliver ironclad, enterprise grade products.

It certainly is an opportunity.

Thank you so much for joining us.

He is the global manager of global head here at bloomberg news.

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