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July 18 (Bloomberg) -- Google and Microsoft report earnings after the bell today. Jon Erlichman previews the results on Bloomberg Television's "Market Makers." (Source: Bloomberg)

I would love if google decided to talk a lot about google glass or shed a little bit more light on what eric schmidt, the chairman suggested last week about it getting closer to consumer hands, talk about the fashions, some tom keane influence google glass.

But you got to wait for the conference call, the larry page, c.e.o. on call, usually entertains questions about glass.

A lot of people wondering about the story this week about them getting into the cable business, offering a cable service on a variety of reports including from bloomberg.

But at the end of the day, google is an advertising bohemet hmp.

When and compared to the lights of facebook and yahoo, google is a very dominant player.

There's a look at the earnings expectations for this quarter on revenue that's easily going to be north of $10 billion.

There is this expectation that the number of paid clicks, so when people click on an ad because they've stumbled upon one, whether it's on a phone or a tablet on a desktop computer, there are some encouraging trends for google on that front, and that is part of the reason why you've seen some of the enthusiasm tied to the stock price.

Jon, we could draw similarity between microsoft and google, because both are trying to push a little further into the hardware business.

Google bying motorola, microsoft doing that its own way.

How's that going?

It is a area question to be asking.

I mean you could also arguably make the point that both of them are transitioning away from the p.c., the google business that grew up, now focused on phones and tablets.

Microsoft just did a major reorganization to make sure they are focused on where the product lines are going.

So i think the surface is definitely something to watch for today.

They just lowered the prices on some of these devices, so what does that mean in terms of the financial results?

Any inventory write downs we have to watch out for?

Talking about the traditional p.c. business, remember last quarter we had seen some miserable p.c. sales and people said uh-oh, that will be horrible for microsoft.

Actually microsoft put together a pretty decent quarter.

Can they do that again?

What are we going to see in terms of the windows business, and obviously some investors not concerned right now based on the performances here.

Of course staying with hardware, the big focus on the next version of the x box, a really important product for them.

As far as the overall numbers to microsoft, the much smaller piece of the pie.

But the one thing they can point to as having a lot of relevance in this new world because people aren't just playing games on the x-box, they are steaming all types of new consent there.

So it's opened some doors.

Jon, i know you took a break from all the research notice and analyst notes to go to the emmy nominations this morning.


And on a historic day from the perspective of the the new hollywood.

Couple of well known people, neil patrick harris and one of the stars from the hit show "breaking bad." but it was really about not what you see on traditional television but streaming, through netflix, the fact that netflix overall had 14 nominations, four in the big categories, three specifically for their "house of cards" series.

One for jason bateman through "arrested development." so the question is should we move away from networks entirely or the paid tv players like hbo and showtime and doing more deals with the likes of hulu and netflix.

Certainly what we'll be talking about next hour.

But this is a really important milestone and now we'll see if they win any.


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