Microsoft CEO Search: The Neverending Story?

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Dec. 13 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Contributing Editor Paul Kedrosky comments on the search to find a replacement for Steve Ballmer as CEO of Microsoft. He speaks with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)


Another candidate is on the shortlist list along with internal candidates.

What is going on with the search?

Paul kedrosky is a managing partner at sk ventures.

He will be with us.

What is going on with microsoft search?

It is kind of odd.

A strange cross of reality tv and monty python.

The whole idea of a short list goes out the window when your talk about microsoft.

Everybody is gone will stop we have a short list.

The obvious problem here is anybody with any sort of understanding of technology knows what they are stepping into.

They are walking to labor -- badly broken organization with a stellar marketplace that is very mature.

Add products that are going to end up on the chopping block.

That is not an exciting opportunity.

When you step out and look at and the problem is, it is not easy for them to make those kind of decisions.

What stays and what goes?

What vision do they bring quest mark and a possible position.

-- bring?

-- it is impossible position.

Is it the board or people do not want the job?

I think people do not want the job and a candidate problem.

The classic candidate problem when you are out there as a headhunting firm and opportunity, you have a hard time getting the quality of candidates that the board would like to take the position serum and, in.

Even if they find somebody interesting, that the turnaround and go to their own company as that i have an offer from mac of -- microsoft.

That the leverage it into a better position in their company.

These are tailor-made opportunities for everybody but microsoft.

What is most likely here -- internal, external, anyone?

No, it has to be natella.

They have concerns.

They want to bring in flesh throw up -- fresh blood.

You have an organization that is floundering.

It in the somebody at in the home that is not steve ballmer.

A fresh perspective.

Some were longevity.

In that mind, the concern is, he is not run an organization.

Very few people have.

Only people would would not come to organization.

You think natella is the guy for the job?

I do.

I think you would be a strong candidate.

The board has its eyes set on an outside candidate.

After taking him seriously, babbitt look outside and being disappointed that none of the outside candidates want to come and.

Do you think that would name somebody before the end of the year?

What is the likelihood?

I noticed paddy power did carry lines and abandoned it.

And there you go.

You cannot get british bookies.

They will not to do it by the

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