Microsoft CEO Nadella Streamlines for Cloud

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July 17 (Bloomberg) -- Microsoft said it will eliminate as many as 18,000 jobs, the largest round of cuts in its history, as Chief Executive Officer Satya Nadella integrates Nokia Oyj’s handset unit and slims down the software maker. XLR-8 Founder Robert Nardelli speaks on “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Chairman of accelerate.

Of course, these are people being laid off, but you say this is a good move by microsoft.


Three things.

None of us are happy when we hear about job reduction or people losing their job.

Second, i think microsoft will stand out in early notification and will work on severance packages.

Third, this shows really courageous leadership.

The analyst investors have been concerned about making microsoft a little leaner and reducing some of the bureaucracy, increasing the beat of decisions . this is unfortunate for the affected employees, but a good move for the organization overall.

A bold move for a relatively new ceo still.

You have experienced this yourself.

Knowing that the company will be happy to know 18,000 of their colleagues will be out the door.

How does he handle this to make sure he has still got the morale, he has still got the support within the company, when he is making such a bold move like this?

He has to over communicate a logic on this.

He has to treat each individual with dignity and respect and make gutwrenching decisions and show how the benefit will improve the overall financial sustainability and ability to move forward with new innovation, new ideas, and really strengthen the financial position of microsoft overall.

The investment community, his shareholders, about where he wants to leave microsoft next?

One thing is his actions are matching his words.

He talked about making it a leaner and less your credit company.

I think this is a bold move, peru's positive -- proof positive that he intends to do it he said.

Very painful, a gutwrenching decision.

Having gone through this myself, it is never easy.

It is necessary many times to maintain the financial strength and agility, the ability for microsoft to give it going forward.

Just on a final note, what advice do you give nelson mandela?

Stay strong.

It takes courage.

You cannot over communicate the logic on why you're doing this.

Make sure microsoft will treat every employee with dignity and respect, help them reengage for new opportunities and new employment.

Thank you so much.

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