Mulally First Choice for Microsoft CEO: Galloway

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Nov. 18 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Contributing Editor Scott Galloway discusses the Microsoft brand as the company searches for a new CEO. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

What would you say to the new ceo about writing into microsoft?

Right now, the only way to make a brand younger or more relevant -- that is what microsoft needs to do.

They are facing the same problem the cadillac is facing.

They need a dressing up.

There is no secret sauce here.

The only two used serums are product innovation and digital programming.

What does that mean?

A great website is a good example.

Obamacare is an example.

The website is not working.

Your twitter following is a signal of your product quality and how innovative you are.

When it comes down to the candidates, people are looking externally.

Mulally is currently the ceo of ford.

Elop has also been floated as well.

Internally, there are a couple of candidates.

Tony bates.

And kevin turner is the coo.

They have suggested combining the two.

Someone from outside and someone from inside.

Is that a formula for success?

Goldman sachs is famous for that.

Having two people.

I have to think that if mulally wants this job, it is his.

He has separate -- such a reputation.

That would be dramatic.

Number two would have to be a mobile guy.

You either want to say we are turning around and we are serious or we have a guy who has a future.

You brought up the digital presence and how important that is.

Brands are increasingly starting to get physical.

We have seen them in the stores.

Microsoft is trying to get in front of customers.

What rate would you give them on the physical front?

Everyone compares them to apple.

Apple has the most productive retail in america.

The number one sales per square foot.

They have double the salesperson where foot of tiffany.

It looks like apple and the seven dwarfs.

Every time someone opens a store, it looks like a bad knockoff of apple.

The ascent of mobile is stunning.

It is just truly stunning.

Where will mobile be in two years?

It looks as if the pc will become an interesting kitschy item.

You might use it at work.

Our lives are moving to a stream.

Whether or not that will be a, we do not know.

Companies are becoming mobile companies.

Facebook is accessed with a mobile device.

Services are hitting 50%. look at what is happening to people who are focused on pcs.

The oxygen is being sucked out of the room.

Got galloway, a lot to talk about.

Markets are at 16,000. we're focused on microsoft because they are holding their board of directors meeting.

That takes us to our twitter question.

What should top their agenda?

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