Microsoft Board Said to Refine CEO Choices

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Nov. 15 (Bloomberg) -- Microsoft’s board will meet on Nov. 18 to trim a list of chief executive officer candidates, with the goal of whittling the roster to three to five people, said a person with knowledge of the process. Ari Levy reports on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Has given his notice, and the board had the task of finding his replacement.

Give a sense of the types of candidates being considered for this job right now.

We know that alan mulally has come forward -- is considered a very strong candidate.

Yet the spirits running a very large company.

Global companies.

The issue there would be does he have enough tech savvy, and his age, right, he is getting there in the 60's. the former microsoft executive who have been running nokia is considered an outside candidate because the company -- the acquisition has not actually been official yet, but he is really an internal person.

From there, the most of what we are hearing are there internal candidates that run fairly large businesses.

So the point person on skype and the bloomberg news reporting with suggest they would like to get the list down to three to five people so they can start doing a one-on-one interviews in the weeks to come and maybe get to a better spot.

In terms of the kinds of things they are looking for in their new leader, what are you hearing?

The reason that mullally keeps coming up is because the profile that he has is someone that we know that the board and committee is very interested in.

Again, not somebody who just understands the technology landscape and understands microsoft but to really communicate that to a large global audience both in terms of customers and in terms of employees.

So that is kind of the model that we have been told to look at.

There are not that many of you out there like that.

So that is the ideal candidate, but what we are continuously hearing from people inside and out is that this is not going -- this is going to be a top ship to turn on for anybody.

Ra, thank you, ari levy with bloomberg news.

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