Microsoft Begins New Era With Nadella, Gates

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Feb. 4 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg senior West Coast correspondent Jon Erlichman breaks down the management changes at Microsoft on Bloomberg Television’s “Market Makers.”

Wilmot -- bill gates rolling up his sleeves again?

There are so many story lines.

A fascinating story.

The longtime insider, the staff in there for more than 20 years and somebody leaving the area, a bright spot or microsoft, who steps into this light, bill gates, who will now be behind the scenes doing more on campus and giving more of a high-level strategy to people, but in the -- but not playing in the boardroom as much.

The tech ceo, maybe the go between between washington and wall street, also just so fascinating, the guy who was leading the search for months and months, all those candidates, and then becomes a part of the story himself.

It is fascinating.

What it tells you is after they looked at dozens of candidates, which included a lot of external people, the best way to get it done was with somebody who knows the political game that is microsoft.

Bill gates will play a role behind the scenes and john thompson will help satisfy any concerns wall street might have short-term.

Is it a knock that bill gates would have to step in with and assist?

Tough to say.

Just say it.

What do you think?

I think it is ok when somebody working with bill gates for a long time is going to have to work a little bit more with bill gates.

That is why the relationship works more so -- it would have been more complicated if somebody from the outside had come in and said, what is he doing behind the scenes, am i free to do what i want to do, and we have said this all along.

The complication of the story of steve homer saying, here is microsoft going forward, and they lead a search for a ceo after the fact.

You start asking questions.

Were any of the potential candidates that may have been people steve ballmer was thinking would be asked about the job when he was putting the blueprint together, was he asked about what they potentially would think about that?

It is hard to say.

Even in the language of what was put out today in his commentary, you can see he references the microsoft strategy steve ballmer laid out and says, let's be able to take it further and make it more than just about words and more than just about the fact we will be doing devices and services.

Does it say anything to you that they would choose an enterprise guy and it seems there is more and more pressure to focus on this business.

The company has so many different pockets we are going to make the conclusion that, absolutely, that is a lot of growth and they have gold stars recently, especially versus what amazon has been doing.

That is a great bright spot for them to point to.

But microsoft would love to be in a position today to say the devices we put out on the markets to try to fuel interest in software, that did not work as well as it -- as we wanted or maybe it has not.

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