Microsoft, Barnes & Noble Deal Is Looming: Hayzlett

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July 09 (Bloomberg) -- Jeff Hayzlett, Bloomberg Contributor, and Daniel Hurwitz, CEO of DDR, discuss the changes in Barnes & Noble management and what that may mean for a deal with Microsoft. They speak on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance." (Source: Bloomberg)

Jeff, what do you do with a company that is done?

How do you put these companies out of their misery?

We are seeing a real theme going on here.

The boys are back.

All of these former ceos and founders coming back to run these companies.

I think that this is a move with the guy did not resign, he was asked to leave, it is clear to me that is what is going on behind the scenes.

They are putting in their players, the various pieces, as they announced back in february, taking the retail stores -- that is all he wants, not the electronic business.

I think that they will form a partnership with microsoft.

Is that going to happen?

Let me get to that headline right now.

They have already invested.

I think the deal was already there to get them into the book business.

That is what they're trying to do.

This was part of a longer-term play that has been going on in the boardroom.

This has been a long-term soap opera.

We are thrilled to have daniel her wits with us now.

A member of the board of rock- and-roll hall of fame.

One of the other cool things that you do, this has always been about real estate.

What would you do?

How would you advise them at barnes and noble this morning?

We always like to think that real-estate is the most important part of it, but it is not, it is about merchandising.

When you do not sell anything that people want to buy, that is a problem you have is a merchant.

You can change all the bits and pieces, move personnel, maker stores bigger and smaller, all of those things, but it is what you put in the store that is important.

How do you merchandised a bookstore, and electronic media store, a coffee shop, whenever they're going to do.

Jeff, answer the question, then, if you would, given the question in technology -- change in technology?

Put the leather chairs back, put the service back, make it more of a browsing experience.

They took all of that out and tried to make it about the electronics.

They need to get back to that customer where they had that incident activity in the retail experience.

If they can do that, i think that people will go back.

Books are still selling.

There are products that people want.

There might be electronic, but we know that they still sell.

That was a shameless plug.

Your pickup truck got stolen.

You got me up early in the morning.

[laughter] what you are advising is not to go after technology, but to go after the old school book business, do not go after amazon and apple?

Think about it, the last time a harry potter book came out, where were the lines?

Outside these stores.

People still want that experience.

Let's give them the right kind of experience and welcome back.

Let's go to the economics class room.

Richard clarida with us this morning.

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