Microsoft, American Express Check In on Foursquare

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Aug. 30 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Contributing Editor Paul Kedrosky reports on the competition between Microsoft, American Express and others to take an equity stake in Foursuare as the social network seeks to raise cash. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop."

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We told you yesterday that microsoft and american express were thinking of investing in four square.

The news suggest that it supports that advertisers like to better target location.

But how many of us use for square?

That is a very valid question.

I'm joined by paul kedrosky.

Is it really true that this company attracts that many users?

There are a bunch of things going on here at once fundamentally, as you point out, foursquare is going to decline in in user base.

The notion is that you check in with you go places and say, here.

Begins the record of where you have been end of the beyda where people like you might like to go.

What happens is that all of the early users thought that was fun and now they have moved on to the next thing.

They have kind of begun to move away from the app a bit.

It has a very high valuation, in excess of $600 million.

And two million dollars in revenue at the last report.

They've got to go out and raise the more money.

And the last time they raised money was a dead ground and that was on price.

Now they want to get a price.

Your car microsoft and american express, a lab they -- hear, microsoft and american express, all have their own needs.

Who will win year?

My guess is that microsoft will want it more.

Morgan stanley not upgrading to the blackberry can because they're worried that the company might not even exist critics -- to the blackberry 10 because they're worried that the company might not even exist.

Why would they operate -- upgrade to an operating system given some concerns about a split or other underowners?

You've got a major former users saying, no more of great for us.

I think you'll see that much more broadly.

And mike lee sits -- switched to aapple iphone, android?

Ios is coming in through the side door by the elevator now with users bringing it home.

That is true.

We will return in two minutes.


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