Microinverter Technology Making Solar Energy Better

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March 5 (Bloomberg) -- Paul Nahi, President and CEO of Enphase Energy, discusses the benefits of microinverter production for the solar energy industry. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “The Pulse.” (Source: Bloomberg)

And what the opportunity is.

But it is fascinating and exciting.

We are seeing a transition away from the older strain and the reason is obvious.

We provide a better return on investment and a better business.

We have a growing share all over europe.

This converts the d.c. signal and it goes into an ac signal that can be used for whatever you want to plug in.

Exactly right.

Exactly right.

You're talking about strength in the u.s.. there are individual panels that act individually.

They work more efficiently.

What exactly right.

With the inverter, if you affected, it brings down the entire system with the micro inverter system, we extract the maximum energy from the modules and you get a better return on investment for the owner.

Is a retrofit of the panels?

It is.

The rooftop market is the residential and commercial market.

Is there a higher entry cost initially or is it similar to the other.

It is similar but there is a premium.

In the u.s. and in other countries, the return is better and the business that the solar installer has is more efficient and they are getting a better return.

We have to wrap it up there.

Now, the first word is up next on the radio and for our viewers, the second hour of the pulse.

And even bleaker outlook.

We are going to take a break and

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