Michelin Names 2 New U.K. Two-Star Restaurants

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Sept. 26 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Richard vines reports on new Michelin restaurant ratings and what they mean for the chefs of London. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's “The Pulse.” (Source: Bloomberg)

-- and the greenhouse.

Kind of predictable.

Big surprise for the u.k. was no new three stars.

We may have four in the country.

For in the u.k. compares with 20 h in japan -- 28 in japan.

We are really quite hard done by.

So the state's overall has more three michelin stars than the u.k. has.

Seven for the u.s.. why?

I live in london so i am a little bit biased.

At the same time, the amount of stars we have here is phenomenal.

We have some great cooks that are world-renowned.

There are nine new one stars in london so we are not totally left out.

We are short of high-end gastronomic restaurants in london.

If you go to paris, the choice is huge.

The restaurant here, there is widespread assumption that someone will get a third star this year.

I tracked down the shaft to discuss it with him.

Was is mean for these shots?

Does it make a difference whether you have it to start or three star michelin?

It is very important to the chefs.

Nothing else has been discussed.

It is important to business.

Your bookings just grew through the roof.

At the same time, i love great food but i don't like certain persian restaurants for example.

Is there something to be said about the way london restaurants operate?

Michelin is creating three stars that aren't quite so stuffy.

That was not a restaurant in the old-style french mode.

Richard, thanks so much for that.

Coming up, charlie rose sat down with bill clinton and al gore.

One of the unanswered questions was, how do you put a price on carbon?

We will dig into that.


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