Michael Kors Takes On European Luxury

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April 4 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Caroline Hyde reports on Michael Kors’ growth strategy and how the company is stealing market share and store fronts in London and outpacing his competitors. She speaks to Anna Edwards on Bloomberg Television’s “Countdown.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Cors was little known in europe.

It was stealing market share from bigger homegrown rivals.

He risk airline hide with more -- here is caroline hyde with more.

Sales have doubled in two years.

The american company is dealing market share.

Also snapping up shop fronts.

The chief executive it is getting far more ambitious, far more confident, as the pace of growth outstrips the industry.

The juggernauts -- u.s. rivals that are trying to penetrate.

Tony burch.

They are going nowhere near as strong as michael cors.

. the chief executive is more ambitious.

He wants to hundred stores.

What makes this late full attractive.

And possible fine line of luxury meets affordability.

Her i have one.

-- full disclosure, i have one.

300 euros rather than the 3000 euros you might see from rivals.

They are managing to attract the aspirational buyer.

It is amazing to think how far they have, in europe.

A dictate different tactic.

Are they doing anything.


The growth is opposite to what we are seeing from gucci were leaving town.

-- or louis vitton.

They are raising the prices to grab back the aura of exclusivity.

Reducing the amount of stores they have.

They want to become less well-known.

Michael kors is going against that and taking up the void.

You will have to wonder if they can continue to walk that alateen act.

Between being luxury and also -- cast your mind back to 2005. bur barry- -- burberry begin to regain -- it became downmarket.

It became too popular.

It had to rebuild itself from the ashes.


We are seeing the same sort of effect with which he -- gucci -- they are to reconnect -- too recognizable.

You see them everywhere on the

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