Michael Dell to Shareholders: `Decision Is Yours'

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July 24 (Bloomberg) -- Dell’s special committee is said to be seeking at least $14 a share from Michael Dell to cement the computer maker’s takeover, leaving them at an impasse after the founder said $13.75 was his best and final offer. Cristina Alesci reports on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

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We have some breaking news to tell you about.

Michael dell has just released an letter to shareholders saying he believes taking the company private is the right thing to do for the company, but he will live with whatever shareholders decide.

Dell today postponed a shareholder vote on the plans to take the company private.

Dell and silverlake are offering $13 and $.75 a share, $.10 a share boost over their previous offer.

What they call their best and final offer.


tina g is life outside of dell headquarters in round rock, texas.

The deadline was supposed to be 6:00 today, but they pushed it back to next week.

What happens next?

They just wrapped up a very brief shareholder meeting and not too many shareholders showed up.

A very different outcome from last week when we had a lot of angry shareholders.

By postponing this and announcing the this moment earlier today, they avoided that circus.

So what's next is we can expect a shareholder vote next week and it remains to be seen what shareholders are going to vote on.

Michael dell and the special committee are still at an impasse.

Remember michael dell is offering $.10 more, but that comes with strings attached.

In order for the offer to become it, he's saying the special committee has to relax some boating restrictions, predominately what that means is that shareholders who have not voted count as no votes and he wants that to change.

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