Michael Dell Sweetens Deal to Woo Dell Shareholders

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August 2 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Cristina Alesci reports on the ongoing talks between Michael Dell, Silver Lake and the Dell Special Committee. She speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Market Makers." (Source: Bloomberg)

The shareholders meeting was supposed to be started right now.

When will a have a chance to vote is deal up or down?

That will be the day the shareholders will do a deal.

We will see carl icahn and can you to press delaware judges to intervene here.

Because what he will argue is that they made two major sessions to michael dell on his voting.

One that allowed short-term holders to become more of a bigger position and a potential voting pool.

Then you have this relaxation of the voting requirements.

Both of those factors will make this easier for michael dell to win the vote.

The big question is whether or not our icon will be successful in stopping that.

-- carl icah n will be successful in stopping that.

I just heard and there will be an announcement about an annual shareholders meeting.

That sets up a proxy fight between her like on an michael dell.

-- between carl icahn and michael dell.

It is up to a door court to determine whether or not michael dell is or not successful.

We should point out that the market is as good of a place as any to find it will happen in the future.

The market is effectively saying that the deal has a good chance of getting done isn't it?

Yes, but the market has been quite wrong for some time now.

It was trading down just a couple of days ago significantly thinking that there would not be a new deal on the table.

This is not the typical series of events that unfold in these kinds of deals.

Delaware, under delaware law directors can move around and adjourn special meeting dates.

They do not do this multiple times because it supports the idea they are just doing it to give some leverage to potential buyers.

And that is not something they like to see and it really supports carl icahn's point that you can't do this and were these concessions legitimate?

Why couldn't you increase the price of the deal without those very special shareholder protections being removed.

I should point out that the meeting has been officially adjourned a couple of minutes ago.

It isn't happening this morning, we've seen this play out before.

Let's talk about what carl icahn does next.

Does annual meeting need to happen before september 12 and if that is the case, can we assume -- can we make the ascension -- kerry make the ascension?

The companies by was a set of the expedition at the annual shareholders meeting has to be held within 30 months of the last one.

The last one was july 13 so that means they have to have one on august 13. they actually do not have to do that.

What will likely happen is that carl icahn will go to court or other shareholders will go to court and say we want the shareholders meeting to come before the vote because we would like to launch this proxy fight.

Then the court decides when the annual meeting will happen.

Like i said earlier, we will know by the end of today when the company decides to hold the meeting whether or not that passes muster with the court is a different question.

Yesterday we were talking about a deal fatigue if people

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