Michael Dell, Silver Lake Boost Bid to $13.75

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July 24 (Bloomberg) -- Michael Dell and Silver Lake Management LLC sweetened their proposal to buy Dell, boosting their offer to $13.75 a share in an effort to clinch shareholder support. Cristina Alesci reports on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

Dell in silver lake needed to do something to get this deal done-- and silver lake needed to do something to get this deal done.

It is not much at all, but what is delaying the vote does is change the record date for shareholders.

There is potential that you have a lot more short-term money in the stock the next time around when it comes to a vote august 2. it seems like they said it up so it really does fall through on august 2. they are changing the record date.

All three things vote for a much better but next time around.

I know you have been in touch with the number of investors.

How you think this will be received?

Investors will be split into camps.

Those that will change their votes in light of the new term, and then those that will hold their ground.

This is not -- bespoken amount is not really moving the needle all that much.

10 cents on a deal like this for some institutional shareholders does make a big difference.

Historically speaking , 10 cents does push people over the line.

He would be amazed what it does for some institutional shareholders.

It probably will not change southeastern, the most vocal opponents of the deal.

There will be some questions raised over profits and how much exactly the special committee went out of its way to steer the deal.

Thank you for joining us from texas at the headquarters.

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