Michael Dell Poised to Clinch $24.9B Buyout

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Sept. 12 (Bloomberg) -- Dell and Silver Lake Management LLC are poised to clinch a planned $24.9 billion leveraged buyout of the personal-computer maker after a seven-month battle over the company’s fate. Cristina Alesci reports on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

After a year-long battle for the company he started, the fight might be over for michael dell.

The result of an investor vote to determine the company's future will be released today.

Cristina alesci is in round rock, texas, and if the deal goes through, what lies ahead for dell and michael dell?

Michael dell and silver lake might be popping champagne tonight, but their toughest challenge lies ahead.

They have to retool the company.

An analyst, brian marshall, highlighted the real challenges ahead, and one is the worsening pressure on pc shares with the market declining faster than many expected.

Higher-margin businesses dell is trying to move in to like servers and networking, it is not big enough to make up for the declining ec sales pitch -- pc sales.

There is also execution risk.

Those are the three main things he points out.

That is not to mention they have to do all of this with more debt on the company.

Was a really all worth it for the shareholders to put up this fight?

From the shareholder perspective, it was definitely worth it, because they are going home with $.31 more than originally planned.

We are now much closer to $14 a share that carl icahn said the company was worth.

Of course, his deal had a publicly traded element to it, but we are much closer to that point now, and to put this into context, it is one of the bloodiest battles i have ever seen in my years of covering m&a and it could have ripple effects of everyone's dissecting this deal for the do's and don'ts.

I imagine, a lot of lessons.

Thank you, theology.

It has been a big week for -- cristina alesci.

It is been a week for tech.

With me to look at all things tech, and also what is going on in washington as well, because dixon doll is a prominent venture capitalist who lobbies for immigration and tech investment in washington -- he is a prominent investor.

Great to see you again.

How are you?

I'm good.

You have had experience with dell and you've been watching this from the sidelines.

You said you are surprised that carl icahn gave up and said go ahead.

I do not think he gave up until he accomplished his objective.

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