Mercedes Drives New Models to Record February Sales

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March 4 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg News’ Matt Miller reports on record U.S. February sales for Mercedes-Benz and the recovery of two Corvettes that had fallen into a sinkhole on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.”

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How had they been able to go ahead?

Don't you wish you would get more excited?

He is doing so well over there, finally, and he is still stiff and tired.

Sometimes, he can have a lot of personality.

I do not know me --. maybe he gets nervous.

They are doing so well.

He is doing the classic underpromise and over deliver.

He is saying the market is not steep at slow you're just making fun of them.

Class i love him.

The reason mercedes is doing so well, other than the european economic recovery, which is slow, that is helping the entire industry, is that they're coming out with incredibly strong products.

They have a great barbell approach.

They have got the s class, super amazingly expensive luxury, and every single car reviewer in the world is just obsessed with it as far as that class of car.

It wins every accolade in word.

It is not beatable as far as the technology and precision and 10 -- and engineering.

It is helped them to shine.

On the other end, and not that it is a low-end product, but the cla coupe, in the affordable luxury slot, has been such a smashing hit.

It has been the fastest four-cylinder out there.

The kids love it.

I talked to a lot of people about this.

The bitcoin millionaires who struck it rich because they were interested in this technology.

A lot of them, the money has gone to buy cars.

They do want a smaller pardon -- carbon footprint but they also want luxury and speed so they buy this car.

It is the fastest and most powerful and very efficient four-cylinder engine.

He has done well with the products.

Class i can see that.

I want you to listen in on the other story we have got on cars.

You're going to love this.

Two classic corvettes were rescued from a giant sinkhole yesterday.

The cars have been trapped beneath the mask -- the national museum in kentucky over the last months.

The damaged cars will be on display through august 3 before being repaired.

Can you imagine?

It is great.

The story has been going on for

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