Men's Wearhouse Turns Table on Jos. A. Bank

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Nov. 26 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Television's "Lunch Money" Host Adam Johnson reports on Men's Wearhouse. (Source: Bloomberg)

Do and why is the fda saying the company needs to stop selling it?

And innovation, don't those things look fun.

Let's kick it off with deals.

Commercials for men's suits.

This is the one sail you cannot miss.

One more chance to buy a suit or sport coat and get three more free.

That is the voice on the pitch of joseph a bank.

Six weeks ago, they made a bid for another man's suit maker.

You are going to like the way you look.

I guarantee it.

The soothing vocals of george zimmer, founder of men's wearhouse.

He is no longer with the company.

Men's wearhouse had until two weeks ago to accept the $2.2 billion offer from joseph a bank.

The warehouse let the day go by and it is turning the tables, and making an offer to buy joseph a bank.

The offer is $1.54 billion, 8.7% higher than joseph a bank's closing price yesterday and 30% higher than the day it did for men's wearhouse.

It is the pac-man defense.

A target tries to go after the would-be acquirer.

Let's not forget that men's wearhouse does have additional pressures.

It does have an activist calling for it to increase shareholder value in the short term.

Men's wearhouse is under the gun to do something.

Well said, cristina alesci.

Men's wearhouse said the deal would create a company with 7000 stores.

-- 1700 stores.

It would add to earnings with savings.

Is this going to work?

There is a lot of pressure in the market -- there is a bifurcation in the bottom 80% of the country.

You require consolidation to be competitive.

It is like sears and kmart getting together.

I guess the answer is no if you judge by sears and kmart.

I would like to see what each

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