Meeting the Challenge of Sustainable Energy Storage

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June 26 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Logan Goldie-Scott examines the growth and business of storage options for sustainable energy production. He speaks on “The Pulse.”

Energy which tends to be not connected in the most efficient way.

You need energy storage to take advantage of that.

As we see renewable energy penetration, the great is becoming more decentralized, harder to manage.

Here is where energy storage can be good.

In terms of what we are looking at at the moment, it seems that batteries remain the mode of choice in terms of storage.

Are there problems with that?

Is there a capacity problem or are we comfortable?

At the moment, in the stationary energy storage market, batteries are being made by large manufacturers.

They really dominate the space.

$1.2 billion has been invested in other technologies.

At the moment, they are remarkably small but it is growing.

What are we expecting this to look like 10 years down the road?

You talked about the fact that the grid is becoming more decentralized.

Is that becoming a logarithmic story?

Is that going to expand or can we get an idea of the fact that the grade is going to remain as it is at the moment but we are going to be bolting on auxiliary bits?

At the moment, the stationary market is around 1.2 gigawatts.

We expect that to grow to 11.3 gigawatts by 2020. under tenfold but significant.

There are two major stories.

One is on the utility scale.

Larger assets with grid management.

The other is the end-users, typical consumers in their homes.


Thanks for coming to see us.

Olivia, over to you.

For those of us listening on bloomberg radio, the first word is up next area -- up next.

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We are talking about the bank of

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