Meet the Tailor to Presidents Bush and Clinton

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July 2 (Bloomberg) -- Manu Melwani, owner of Sam's Tailor, discusses the company's custom clothing with Pimm Fox on "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

To meet with members of the house, senate and was the -- we'll be spending time at white house.

Thank you for being here.

I know you are heading off to washington, and meeting some of the countries leaders, but your background is in clothing international leaders.

Tell us about how you started the business.

I started with the army.

The british when they were in hong kong?

We used to make uniforms and that is where we got our name from.

In london we were working very hard.

Then i got all the tailoring done, got the knowledge the british were happy that i got to know about the suits and how to make it, uniforms and everything.

Tell us about the shop right now.

1957 was a long time ago.

You can imagine with success you farmed out everything and nothing goes on for the premise and nothing could be further from the truth.

I have it to seven workers, chinese.

Working with me at my shop.

They are all hand works and getting up to the age of 72 and 75. they have been very loyal to me.

Some of them getting retiring.

Do you think there are new people coming into the business.

Go we are training a lot of youngsters but they do not have the patience.

I trained them by sweeping the floors, and then i know they are using the right hand.

Are they cleaning properly or not?

When we do the stitching, i see the stitching on the right-hand side.

You do not go to 90 degree or something.

You go 60 degree.

You do not get tired.

That is about it.

A very patient game.


Not that knowledgeable to be successful.

It is like a dock or successful.

If you we -- if we were to come to your shop, give us an idea of the photographs we would see on your walls?

I have all the photographs.

When people are asked them, i asked them, can i have a nice photograph of you?

They say yes.

They are all very important to me.

Lex for example, bill clinton, george bush, john boehner?

I care for everybody.

A person making money spends one dollar or two dollars.

You get same treatment.

Like going to the lawyers or doctor's, you should treat the people as the patient properly equipped they are paying the money you need to treat them.

I am glad you mention money.

You can spend anything you want on a suit.

Kloss -- cost can be $500 u.s. up to $10,000. the latest with students -- suits people are having gold thread, which is going up.

A lot of rich people want gold thread or some people asking for enough show's on their suits.

Takes about seven to eight weeks.

It is the latest new thing coming up.

They can also get your insight, which is something they cannot get anywhere else.


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