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June 4 (Bloomberg) -- Qualcomm Vice President of Marketing Tim McDonough discusses the future for tablet and mobile computing on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Tablet will look like.

It all starts with the chip.

Qualcomm drives innovation on the market to help come up with things that want -- that make you want to buy the next tablet.

I've taken the devices apart and seen the chips in their.

We had the ceo on the other day talking about innovation in food making.

After the show, we were talking -- they don't get worn out, which is a great thing, except when you go to sell the latest and greatest.

A show me something that will make me want to buy another tablet.

You will see a real transformation in the way the industry changes from hd today to four k. think back to the hd transition.

It took a wild.

You had to wait for the dvd player to change.

It took years.

-- it took a while.

You don't want to buy a tv every year.

You want to buy a tv every 7-10 years.

The smartphone industry moves incredibly fast.

The design cycles are months, not years.

People buy a smartphone every year.

You might be surprised -- there are people carrying smartphones like the old samsung galaxy and note 3 -- they have for 4k capture devices.

People are already capturing 4k. how do you display it?

We build these for our developers.

Let's see.

This is 4k video going out on our hd broadcast at 1080. i have to apologize.

My tablet is better than your camera.

This has never happened.

It is pretty amazing.

When i bring this device homecomings better than the consumer electronics in my house.

Talk to me about the chip itself.

This is snapdragon?

There is a whole variety of levels of snapdragon.

You will start seeing it in smart phones and tablets the second half of this calendar year.

It will be an ultra hd christmas.

You try to make it thinner and smaller and faster for.

Do you have to start working with the glass makers and the other people in that can make this stuff work?

We have to work with everybody.

You need to be able to capture it.

The sensors lined up around the vision of 4k. we need the chip to be able to capture the image signal processor.

You have to have the right reference processing and you have to work with the display manufacturers.

Let's see this other machine you have here.

Is not just about video.

It's really about 4k everything.

I will show you a demonstration -- a graphics demonstration.

A lot of the next generation consoles are using something called hardware-based tessellation.

It how they generate -- it's a simple demonstration.

This is console style technology showing up in the tablet.

You have the rendering happening in a 3-d way.

This is the polygons that are making up this particular bug.

He is an reasonable resolution.

It looks like a toy that was put together.

You see simple shapes.

I will zoom in on him more and i will take up the resolution.

This resolution -- the chip is not breaking a sweat.

I will take the resolution up by 1000 times.

You see how much mass has to be done in real time there.


We are adding detail within it.

I will take the resolution down again and maybe take us in closer.

Here, he looks like a toy.

Like a lego.

As i go in detail, he actually looks much more realistic.

You can see platelets and scales.

Five times more stuff.

It reminds me of of the old days when people saw the first computer rendering in movies.

Would you imagine doing xbox like games on these devices?

This is console quality graphics.

You will see this this fall.


Flying up here, the guy in front of me in the airport was carrying a ps4 in his luggage.

I had three times the capability to do games.

He was waiting to get to a tv and i could play this on the plane.

Thank you very much.

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