Newly Crowned Miss America: How I Survived the Hate

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Sept. 19 (Bloomberg) -- Miss America 2014 Nina Davuluri sits down with Bloomberg's Trish Regan to discuss the backlash following her win. Sam Haskell, CEO of the Miss America Organization, also comments. (Source: Bloomberg)

Miss america corporation.

Let me read you some of these tweets.

These are not even the worst of it.

You have crazy people out there calling you all kinds of names, all kinds of things.

You had this incredible win.

What was your initial reaction to this?

It is an unfortunate situation.

All of that stems from ignorance.

For all the negative messages i have received, there have been dozens of positive remarks of support from all across america and the world.

This morning, i saw a campaign launched by students of duke university.

They called it stand with nina, #standwithnina.

And they are tweeting about cultural competency.

To have that kind of support is incredible.

You have websites like buzz feed -- buzzf eed, which has gathered some of the most offensive tweets and could see the handles.

Those who have been tweeting these kinds of things had to shut down their accounts.

Do you feel like there has been some kind of justice in the social media space?


I'm launching a new campaign called circles of unity.

I'm asking everyone to tweet me their thoughts, pictures, and videos about cultural awareness at #circlesofunity.

This is to create a discussion and civil discourse about cultural competency in our country.

Miss america organization has come under criticism in the past for being seen as old-fashioned or quaint.


yours first runner-up, miss california, is an asian-american -- this year's first runner-up, miss california, is an asian- american.

You feel that you are becoming more popular -- you feel that you are becoming more representative?

The girl next-door is a very diverse girl next door now.

I was thrilled that our winner and first runner-up were different eth nicities, because it shows we are progressing.

While we always search for relevance, we have to maintain certain traditions.

But the relevancy that comes from a young woman like nina davuluri winning miss america is explosive and positive.

We always get people who say she is too long, too tall, two ethnic.

30 years ago -- too ethnic.

30 years ago, vanessa williams became the first african- american contestant.

To the day.

They were both ms.

Syracuse, both ms.

New york, and they both won miss america.

For better or worse, you are known as the miss america that had horrible things said about her in social media right after winning.

Does this raise the stakes, the bar for what you can achieve this year?

I think it has shed more light on the issue that i'm trying to promote, and that's the best part of this.

Now i have this new avenue where i can get the entire social media involved and create the civil discourse conversation and have it build a more inclusive society.

This was a ratings success, the best in nearly a decade.

What do you attribute that to?

I attribute that to a lot of people at a grassroots level stepping up, tweeting, talking about when the telecast was going to be on.

The social media aspect has exploded.

How do you compete with the trump organization and miss usa?

Miss usa contestants want to be victoria's secret models.

Miss america contestabt nts want to be doctors and lawyers.

We talk about talent, community service.

We -- these are the things that distinguish us.

That is what the difference is.

You won a lot of scholarship money.

Miss america gives out $45 million of scholarship money.

What are you going to do?

I'm in the process of applying to medical school.

With miss america on my resume, i'm hoping to stand out even more on those applications.

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