Meet New Microsoft CEO Candidate Steve Mollenkopf

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Dec. 12 (Bloomberg) -- Microsoft’s board is considering Qualcomm Chief Operating Officer Steve Mollenkopf among candidates to replace Chief Executive Officer Steve Ballmer, said people familiar with the matter. Cory Johnson and Tom Giles comment on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Emerging in the microsoft ceo search, the board considering qualcomm ceo steve mellon coughollenkopf.

We don't know yet, but one candidate who may be fading is forbes ceo mullaly.

There were concerns about his lack of technology experience.

They want a new ceo, ideally, for the end of the year.

Tom giles, good to see you on the east coast.

It is like bloomberg east here.

This is a big deal.

They are busting the phones to find out what they heard, tell us about it.

It turns out we found the name of the person, he is the coo of qualcomm.

A well regarded company and has done well in terms of the stock price and growth.

They are a leader in wireless technology, specifically the chips that a lot of phones you and i use.

Microsoft has had an area of weakness, and that is where it can be brought.

It is a really different focus for the company.

Someone who can fix the company, he has done it once or arguably twice.

Another guy outside is looking at mobile.

Areas microsoft could focus on.

This is where microsoft needs strength.

This is a scenario in which mullally is taking a short-term role at the company.

One scenario being considered.

You can imagine him playing some kind of a role.

People that we have talked to has said one area where he lacks computer technology -- these other candidates like tony bates have a great deal of expertise.

He certainly shows no sign of lacking energy.

It seems like he is on the ball.


He is well regarded and has a good reputation.

You right off into the sunset after your stint at ford where you had a very good run?

They brought that company back from a great deal of difficulty as was the case of gm.

He is also quite wealthy, worth over $400 million in just his shares alone.

Now we take a look inside

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